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Birthday Dinner at The Old Fort Bakery with the Mary Kay Andrews Family & Friends

The Mary Kay Andrews Family is in town to start the process of renovating their Tybee Island Dream House, The Breeze Inn. Our regulars readers will of course know who the NY Times Best Seller Author is- Mary Kay has written a number of terrific books, including a trilogy about two southern women and their life’s adventures in Savannah and Tybee. The book she’s currently working on is called “The Fixer Upper”, very appropiate as they start to create their very own beach house out of a very neglected old house…. If you haven’t already become a regular reader of Mary Kay’s Blog- you need to start! http://www.marykayandrews.com/ ( be sure to read about her recent junking adventure and the discovery of the a Bomb Fuse Case which now proudly resides in SeaSide Sisters and the Tybee Bomb Shell booth ……)
Kathy and Family ( her real name- remember Mary Kay Andrews is a combination of her two children’s names ) invited me over to dinner to help celebrate her birthday, catch up on the good news of her daughter Katie and experience the incredible old Fort Screven Bakery.

Katie’s good news is she’s now working with my very dear Marriott friend, Libby Gooden handling the details and arrangements of a series of customer events for Marriott’s key business segments. Talk about a flashback in my life, hearing about Katie’s first week working with Libby brought such a smile to my face. Events that I had helped created for Marriott, people I’ve known and worked with for years- both hotel friends and customers and travel to places that I knew like the back of my hand- all are part of her wonderful new business life. This is a match made in heaven, Libby has grown so much she needs a very strong assistent and Katie has the skill set, ambition and desire to jump right in and make everything happen that’s needed. And to make the circle even more complete- our other dear friend Susan Jacobs who had been helping Libby with the project work, just took on a brand new assignment managing an incredible small resort in South Carolina ( her dream job!) which cleared the path for Katie to come on board. I’m so happy for Susan, Libby and Katie and happiest for myself because I get to stay on my little island, managing my wonderful homes and cottages and getting around on my old beach bike or island car ( vs the jets, limos and taxis of my former career.) Amazing how perfect this is for all of us!
The Bakery is just glorious. The Smith Family took on this renovation project several years ago and turned the old bakery into a welcoming family beach house. Some of the details that make this home so special are the soaring ceilings, wide open spaces , family touches that are everywhere ( this is a home where the children are allowed to make this their home as well) and proud display of the building’s former life as a bakery. The porch is dedicated to the former owner ” Miss Edith who loved Tybee, loved her porch and loved to welcome people to her home. Again, the Smith Family in a very special touch, had a plaque mounted to remind everyone who came to the home about Miss Edith.
Dinner- Shrimp boats made from shrimp fresh off the boat from our local favorite seafood stand, Bowie Seafood, salad with produce from Davis’s Produce on Whitmarsh Island and…… Crab Pie and hot Crab dip! Tacky Jacky (a dear friend of Kathy who has made appearances in the Savannah Breeze and Savannah Blues books) lives here on the island , has her own dock and CRABS FOR HER OWN CRABS! And then creates incredible receipes!!! She brought not only one but two dishes for dinner both filled with hand picked fresh blue crab meat. Thank you Jackie!
Mr. Mary Kay made the shrimp dish- Shrimp boats- a receipe from a cookbook I’ve never seen before but will be purchasing before the week is over. “Screened Doors and Sweet Tea”. I spent part of the evening going thru the pictures and receipes, making mental notes about which receipe to try when. Not only is the food perfect southern delights, but the pictures and text just as special to read and absorb. The book will be for sale later this summer at SeaSide Sisters Coastal Cottage Shop. More to come on this book as I start to make receipes from the book..
Thank you Kathy, Tom and family for including me in your family gathering! Note this picture of Kathy sporting her birthday present- a bright pink foldable sun visor hat. Ideal for traveling… Can’t wait to be part of the celebration party for The Breeze Inn! ( And for Mary Kay fans- we’ll be taking reservations for the cottage for next spring and summer later this year….. the family has graciously agreed to add their newly restored home to the Mermaid Cottage Collection next year!!)
And note the mermaid sighting! I think she is from Thailand- she has a very south asia flair to her.

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