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Month: July 2008

Tazo Tea and pure enjoyment

My dear friend Susan Morris is a tea purest. I think it’s because she is Canadian and therefore has the Queen as part of her upbringing and culture. She loves tea and has shared with me a number of really unique and special teas. One of the teas that I love to enjoy either as iced tea or hot tea is Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Herbal Infusion caffeine free tea. The tea smells like oranges, it’s actually a combination of lemongrass, citrus, herbs, licorice root and orange essences. It tastes delicious!!!!

Their website is so intriguing- besides learning all about their teas, you can have your tea leaves read- when I tried it last night, the tea master asked three questions: your name, your age at birth and your secret crush. The answer was “more passion”. Not sure what the question was, but I loved the answer! to learn more! And get this- even good ole Walmart sells Tazo teas more in their efforts to be more organic and “green.”! We’re going to put Tazo teas in our cottages so look for them on your next visit with us.

Keep our coast clean and our sea creatures safe

The island is full of visitors and we welcome everyone with open arms! However there is one thing we wish everyone did a better job while here- keeping our beaches and streets free of litter. There is a wonderful organization based here in Savannah call Clean Coast that works hard at keeping our Georgia Sea Islands . Here are some tips and reminders for all our visitors.

  • Clear plastic bags floating in the water can be mistaken for jellyfish and eaten by turtles, fish, or dolphins
  • Fish and other marine animals and birds become entangled in fishing line, nets or six-pak rings
  • Styrofoam eventually breaks up into small pellets that are mistaken for eggs and eaten
  • This photo of a dead pelican entangled in balloon string was taken by a Clean Coast member on the Georgia Coast… .

While here, please pick up any litter and trash you see on the beach and streets and recyle in the cans we have all over the island.