A trip back to 1962 and the wonders of Ocean City, Maryland

My parents were school teachers and big vacations were not even a possibility. But every June as soon as school was out, we drove to Ocean City , Maryland and rented the upstairs apartment on 56th Street for the enormous sum of $62.00 a week. My parents saved all year long for this much needed holiday and we did this for 15 years… We cooked in every meal except for the big night out at Phillips Crab House. We were 4 houses back from the beach and spent every day at the beach hours at a time. Another big night was to go to the Ocean City Boardwalk and enjoy Thrasher’s French Fries and Fisher’s Carmel Popcorn. And then, we scared ourselves to death by taking our annual ride on the Haunted House Coffins! This week we drove to Ocean City and saw all the old familiar sites and with the exception of our actual vacation rental, everything else was just as it was 40 years ago! Fishers and Thrashers tasted as good today as they did all those years ago. Vinegar on the fries and carmel corn to wash it down. The Haunted House is closed for the season, but just as scary as ever!
We also took a trip to St. Michael’s , Maryland, a place so charming with cottages, shops and sheer beauty, I could have taken pictures all day. The famous restaurant is the Crab Claw with views of the harbor and seafood fresh from the bay. While taking pictures of these cottages, a very nice man stopped us when he saw our license plates. Turns out his son attends SCAD and he knows and loves Tybee! No matter where we go, we find people who know our island!
I’m so glad to have visited this sites, I’d forgotten how vacation rentals has been part of my life from such a young age! Jackie- thought you’d really enjoy these pictures!