The journey home…

I’m almost home, spending the night in Ocean Isle Beach, NC with my friend Lynda in her wonderful cottage on the Intra coastal Waterway- Seaboard House. Had fried oysters , coleslaw and hush puppies for lunch in Southport, NC, getting a good night’s rest tonight and then home to Mermaid Manor tomorrow. The journey home continued to live up to the entire week’s experience!

I left Donna’s home at 6AM to drive my friend Sidney to National Airport ( I guess it’s really called Regan Airport, but I grew up going to this airport with my family back in the 1960’s to watch planes take off and land and it will always be National to me! Remember when it was a family treat to go to the airport and watch planes land???) Even though I just had to go a few blocks through Capital Hill, it was very cold and the sun hadn’t risen and I got lost. I pulled over to three DC police cars and asked for some directions. Told them I had been here for the big week and one of the police said- “Just follow me- I’ll give you a police escort to your friends!” So sure enough, just like all the big deal DC folks, I had my own police escort those 5 blocks ! No blue lights and sirens, but he escorted me right to the front door! His parting comments were he’d see me in 4 years and I represented my state of Georgia very well and I was a true Georgia Peach! How much fun was that!

On the way south driving down I95, there were 3 huge convoy’s of Army trucks and equipment also heading South. I realized they had also been in DC for all the events and was truly shocked at the artillery they had brought with them. We can rest assured that the Army was fulled armed just in case anything were to have happened….

I also saw lots and lots of people heading south as well from their own DC visit- we all honked and waved to each other- I used my Obama big pointy fingers that of course I had to purchase on the mall!

Back home to Tybee on Thursday! And then time to start working on making our country the best she can be! Stay tuned for some ideas we have for Tybee…..