A Tybee Saturday night, Champagne , Mink and Teva’s

We started the New Year off great with our now annual Mermaid Cottages January Celebration. ( we decided after last night this needs to be annual AND in January!) We included everyone who works with Mermaid Cottages, helps with Mermaid Cottages , stays at Mermaid Cottages , members of our Mermaid Cottages Facebook group and just other dear Tybee people and friends! Dutton Waller was the host cottage and people showed up! In droves! We had guests ranging from in age from the 80’s ( Mrs. Williams, Curly and Dee) to the single digits ( Nevon and Fallon.) The weather was perfect, cool, but not too cold, full moon and white lights all over the wrap around screened porch and as requested- positive attitudes only. No grouches! I decided that despite all the bad economic news, we’re going to treat our world as one full of abundance and we have what we need to not only survive, but to be very happy! And we were happy Saturday night!

The food served was munchies- there will be a completely separate blog on the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding…. lots of good stuff including Back in the Day cupcakes, Mary Lou’s Gooey Butter Cake, Castaway Coconut Cake and Tiara Miso courtesy of Fio and Michael who are staying at Flip Flop Cottage. Champagne, beer and wine added to our cheerful attitudes!

I asked people to wear sparkles and many complied. Our favorite was the home owner of Fiddler on the Creek. Katie wore her mom’s 1950’s sparkly jacket with mink cuffs. Katie is a huge animal person but we all agreed your mom’s vintage jacket was ok to wear . She topped off her stunning jacket in true Tybee Style…. Teva Sandals.

Lots and lots of fun, so much so the party that ended at 11Pm didn’t end until after midnight. I literally was going around turning off the lights saying goodnight. Nevon and Fallon, our single digit aged guests actually found a bed to crawl in and fall asleep. Smart girls!

Now we’re on to planning our very first Mermaid Cottages parade entry …. stay tuned!

These pictures are courtesy of Sherri Simmons who takes pictures for Savannah Now. You can see all the party pictures by going to http://www.spotted.savannahnow.com/ Thank you Sherri!
Lastly, here is an excerpt from an email my very talented artist friend, Pam Martin sent describing the party that I’d like to share:
“I have to tell you that what I will remember most, is as I was leaving for the evening I looked back up at the home and actually paused in the driveway – the home was warmly uplighted, and the incredibly fat full moon was gazing at herself on the river, and you could hear the wonderful conversations and laughter carried on the Atlantic breeze. I actually thought to myself that the original owners of this home must have been very satisfied this night to know that their home was once again so loved by someone special like you and that happiness and life was flowing back into it. What a wonderful gift, indeed!”
Thank you Pam, I agree, Blanche Waller is smiling knowing that her beach house is full of happiness and love still!