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Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

January 31, 2009

I wish the world would sound as perky as Liza Minnelli!

I just listened to Liza Minelli’s interview on NPR’s Saturday Morning Edition . The first thing that struck me about her was how incredibly cheerful she sounded. Then I thought about how a cheerful attitude is a conscious decision about how you live your life . Liza sounded vibrant and happy and determined she was going to have a great time today.. She is 62 and we all know her life story , which has had some pretty major ups and downs. This included being married to 4 rather questionable men- I totally get being married to Peter Allen after watching “The Boy from Oz” on Broadway with Hugh Jackman, but do NOT under stand that marriage to David something who used to manage Michael Jackson. Their over the top wedding was way too crazy and then when he divorced her because he claimed she beat him up was all about his craziness, not hers…



I’d like to think I always sound very cheerful when talking to my guests about Mermaid Cottages- when our guests are calling they are planning a happy time in their life – A BEACH GETAWAY! and I think those of us who live here should sound happy most of the time because we’re so fortunate to live here!
So in honor of the spirit and determination of Liza with a Z, I’m going to sound very perky when you all call me and always remember I’m your link to the island!


Enjoy this Youtube of Miss Minnelli