Road Side Food- Fried Chicken Livers!

As I continue to travel up and down the highways on my road trips during the slow season, I seek out unique places to stop and eat. Nothing againist the chain restaurants, but if I’m going to eat something that’s not really that good for me, I’m gone to buy local. BBQ is something I love to discover and all throughout the Carolina’s I find a place to eat. Maurice’s BBQ is my favorite because I love that mustard sauce!

Smithville, VA is not only the home of the Ava Gardner museum but the home of The Chicken Barn and fried chicken. AND……………. fried chicken livers….. My sister and I first found this place when we were heading south on I95 and needed a road break, we couldn’t resist the Ava museum but were overwhelmed by the smell from across the street of fried grease. We went inside and as the lady behind the counter said, our chicken is good, but you gotta try the chix livers! Now, every time I’m on 95 , I pull over. They flash fry them to order and serve them juicy and hot. Good thing I’m only in the area a few times a year!!!