Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

And the people of the Paula Queen Party

Maybe people is not the right term – Puppet People came to the party and were a huge hit. Paula Queen made her entrance wearing her signature butter necklace and earrings and Mercedes Overdrive just flew in from Boca Raton and everyone loved them! We thought our wonderful Tybee friends would be enough local character but once the puppets arrived we were all just background. Thank you Angela and Allison for joining us and bringing your magic. Don’t forget- you too can have these puppets and many many others come to your corporate meeting , conference or even your kids birthday party! Thank you as well to our friends from the Tybee City Council and Business Alliance for joining us and a special thank you to Hallie who was the tour guide for the bus ride down from Savannah to Tybee and Susan who helped us hostess.
www.puppetpeople.com is their fab website!

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