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The Mystry of The Black Dog Store

There is a store in Mystic, CT and Annapolis, MD called The Black Dog. The Black Dog is actually a bar and restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard that has taken on a life of it’s own. The bar is secondary. People – like my mom and I , my friend Ann George and thousands of others come in not to eat and drink but to shop. In fact when I was in Mystic, I actually said to the store clerk– where is the restaurant? He looked at me like I was crazy and said this is just the store. Everything you could imagine to buy with the logo. Which of course we did- coffee mugs, mouse pads etc. We even posed outside the store to have our pictures taken and a very odd man asked if he could be in the picture- and there he is!



The number one seller at the store? Their dog biscuits…. hmmmmm this definetly gives me an idea.. Mermaid Cottage Dog biscuits? Or maybe a very cute name? Stay tuned…



visit http://www.theblackdog.com/ and you can see all their stuff!













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