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COTTAGE CHEESE:Super Bowl, A Moving Experience

I say this with love.

I feel we’re very close.

The Super Bowl can be a moving experience.

Fun.  Food.  Family.  Friends.

Did I say FOOD?  At my home that means hot, spicy, gorgeous, involved, provocative, rich, emotional food.

I like to quote Paula Deen, “I’m your cook…not your cardiologist”!  If you ain’t ‘sposed to eat it don’t stuff it in your mouth.  You stick to the celery sticks filled with cream cheese or peanut butter and the rest of us will suffer through chili, hot wings, ribs, steamed oysters, jalapenos wrapped in bacon, clams and sausage, melon and tomatoes and feta salad.

Thus brings me to the top of the “Real Important Details” list for a Super Bowl party…W.O.S.


You gather a bunch of folks with little or no will power, provide them with unlimited gastronomic experiences and confine them to a limited space and it’ll be a lot like chasing a bobcat up a tree.  In just a rooster hair someone will be hollering, “Shoot up here amongst us!  One of us needs some relief”!

WIDE OPEN SPACES!  That’s the key to a successful Super Bowl party.  Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island has got you covered.  Just open up any of the cottages, let the crowds spill out into the outdoor rooms and onto the vast yards and the life you save just may be your own or more importantly MINE!

The Super Bowl.  It’s a truly moving experience!

 It’s about the laws of physics!  It’s about understanding lots of spicy foods breeds a little too much familiarity!  It’s the Super Bowl!  It’s COTTAGE CHEESE!

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