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GRACE: Beach Bum Biscuit Eater Of The Day

Meet Grace, our Beach Bum Biscuits Eater of the Day!

Grace says:

Dear Diane and the Mermaids,

Just want to send you some proof of our lovely time at Doodlebug Cottage and a tail-wagging THANK YOU for the delicious biscuits you left in the cottage for me.  My parents really appreciate the name tags you provided.  They put one on my collar and one on my harness the whole time we were there.  My parents always worry about my safety and they said  that is very thoughtful of you to have the tags available.  You must love dogs!  I wasn’t allowed to get on the furniture at my home so I did the same at Doodlebug.  I have my own bed and I sleep on the floor, anyway.  My mom said that you were so very nice not to charge me extra, so I made sure to leave the cottage as nice and clean as when we first checked in.  I really enjoy Tybee Island.  I love the daily walks where I can smell so many interesting trees, shrubs, posts, grassy areas, fences…

Thank you for letting me come to your house.  I heard my parents talking and they both said they wanted to return to your house again soon!  I can’t wait!

(I am a Great Pyrenees.  My parents rescued me from a kill shelter 3 years ago.  I am a very good girl and a wonderful service dog!)

We can’t wait for Grace and her parents to come visit again!  Tybee Island is just the right place for such a pretty girl!

If you’ve been rescued by a pet from a shelter or pure breed rescue be sure to let us know!  Your furiend could be our next Beach Bum Biscuit Eater of the Day!

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