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Anyone that shares his/her life with a pet knows they can be amazing and just as with our children sometimes we gush about how smart and talented ours are!

The term “Service Dog” covers a lot of territory and whether you call them a Guide Dog or  Service Dog or Assistance Dog they all make it possible for many persons with disabilities to lead astonishingly normal lives.

Here are a few of the specialties Service Dogs are trained in:

Guide Dog
Guide Dogs are the eyes for a blind or sight impaired person.

Hearing Dog
A Hearing Dog alerts its handler to sounds.

Seizure Alert/Response Dog
A Seizure Alert Dog alerts and responds to its handler when it senses the handler may be having a seizure.

Mobility Assist Dog
A Mobility Assist Dog is the arms and legs for a disabled person.

Psychiatric Service Dog
A Psychiatric Service Dog enables a person with a psychiatric disorder to calm down and can enable the person to function in public.

There are certainly some days my dogs are my miracle workers and they always know when I could use a kiss and a hug!

If you have a service animal or know of a service animal that’s making a difference in someone’s life please let us know.  We’d love to meet them!

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