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Guide Dogs and Service Dogs are beautiful animals, especially when they’re puppies in training,  but there’s an etiquette to keep in mind when you see one on the job!

* Any time you see an animal in a harness or vest know that the dog is working and you should not talk to,
   touch or do anything to distract him from his job.
* Do not treat the animal as a pet.  He’s a highly trained professional.
* Don’t assume the dog needs your advice or instruction.  The only person he should listen to is his handler.
* Don’t try to take control of any situation you assume is unfamiliar to the handler or the dog.
* Don’t walk on the dog’s left side.  That’s the side reserved for his handler.  Do walk on the right side and
   a few paces behind the dog and handler.
* Don’t attempt to grab a hold of or steer anyone with a guide dog.  Always ask the handler if any
   assistance is needed.
* Be patient and polite to both the handler and the dog.  You’ll be impressed with their skills!
* A handler and dog have a special bond and both are constantly learning.
* Never try to feed a trained dog.  Part of the special bond between a handler and his dog is the master’s
   responsibility to provide well balanced nutrition for the working dog.
* Never allow children to tease or abuse a service animal.  Teach children to respect the special job a
   service animal has to do.
* Don’t allow your family pet(s) to challenge or engage a service animal when it’s working.
* Never encourage a service animal to disobey it’s master.  That includes inviting a service dog to jump up
   on furniture when it’s against the master’s rules.
* Never allow a service dog to go outside unsupervised.  Understand and appreciate its value to it’s handler.
* Always talk to the handler, not the dog.  You might cause the dog to make a serious mistake.

The relationship between a handler and a working dog is a special brand of teamwork.  Appreciate it, honor it and respect it.

If you know of a handler and his/her special working dog who would like to share their story let us know.  Heroes are always welcome here!   


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