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Homecoming For A HERO

You’re going home and relaxing, she said.  You’re going home.

Eli, a black lab specially trained as a bomb sniffing dog in the military was on duty when his handler was struck by a Taliban fighter’s sniper bullet.  Eli was the first to reach his handler’s side and he guarded over his fallen handler even as other soldiers tried to pull him away.

Eli had sniffed out two bombs already that day.  Against all rules, Eli had slept in his handler’s cot or sleeping bag. Always.  Eli had only eaten the same rations as his handler.  Always.  Eli was a soldier.  Always. Eli’s handler wrote on his FACEBOOK page, Whatever’s mine is his.

That was a promise and it was forever.

Eli has now been adopted and has joined his new family on their ranch.  It’s the same ranch where his handler grew up.  Eli has been adopted by his handler’s parents.

Eli’s handler was Pfc Colton Rusk, the 20 year old son of Kathy and Darrell Rusk.

Mermaid Cottages and Beach Bum Biscuits honor and remember Pfc Colton Rusk and Eli for their bravery and service to our country and everyone evereywhere in this world.

We salute and thank the Rusk family for their loyalty and for opening their home to Eli.


To learn more about the bravery and sacrifice of this most honorable young man and Eli go to military.com and http://www.military.com/news/article/fallen-marines-family-adopts-bomb-dog.html

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