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A Soldier’s Pet Finds A Home

What happens to a solider’s pet when he or she gets deployed?

Many times our men and women who serve in the military get deployed and must leave their beloved pet behind.  In times past, many members of the military had no other choice than to turn their pet family members into a shelter, never knowing what might become of them.

Since 2005, Guardian Angels For Soldier’s Pet has been providing foster family options for service men and women and their pets.

Foster families volunteer to provide a temporary home for a soldier’s pet while away on deployment.  This organization is dedicated to the support of service men and women and their pets to ensure they are reunited once their deployment ends.  It’s a fantastic way for members of the military and peace keeping forces to retain ownership of their pets and to have them well cared for while they’re away.

If you’ve got room in your home and your heart to be a foster home for military pets please register and help reunite our brave service men and women with their pets.  It’s a great way to say Thank You for those who serve.

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