Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

February 2011


I called my auto insurance company yesterday to check some details.  “Oh, hi!  I see you’ve been a member of our insurance team since 2000”, chirped the cheery voice on the other end of the phone.

I needed a new yard rake so I whipped out my well worn home supply card only to hear the clerk inform me, “You’ve gotten all the good out of this card.  Let me help you order a new one.  You’ve been with us since 1990, so you deserve another.”

Later, the phone rang and against my better judgement I answered it instead of letting it go to voicemail. “Hey, haven’t seen you at the gym lately.  Your membership is paid, but we don’t ever see you!”

Memberships.  Keeping tabs.  A record of my behavior, good and bad.  It’s all out there.

It started me thinking.  What had been my longest membership?  It didn’t take long for one affiliation to stand out.  The Oops Club!  Oops, I was talking with my hands and spilled my soda.  Oops, I was talking instead of looking where I was going and stepped in something yucky.  Oops, I climbed on top of my dad’s tractor, unscrewed the gas cap, laid on top of the gas tank and sniffed it until I fell off.  Oops, still groggy I somehow decided the tractor needed to be personalized, so I took a nail and scratched my dad’s name in the paint.  Oops, indeed.  The Oops Club.  Lifetime member.

I guess my Oops track record explains my fascination with how well some folks can keep things looking so nice!  How do you make a home look so clean and nice and well kept despite kids, pets, slovenly spouses and house guests?  And, what about the sun, sand, hilarity and the it’s not mine, so what do I care vacation rental contingent?

It’s magic.  Mermaid Magic.  A couple of  really impressive secrets I’ve observed during my trips to Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island…slip covers and quality upholstery fabrics keep even the highest traffic areas looking clean and beautiful.  That and a team of the best house managers on the beat!  No matter what Oops happens the Mermaid Cottages team has a remedy for it.

No Oops here.  Just Oohs and Ahs!

Mermaids in Our Midst: Back River Bungalow Guests

We never get tired of hearing from our guests! Each of you become part of the Mermaid family when you visit, and we cherish every one of you! Here are two recent emails from happy Mermaids about their stay at Back River Bungalow Cottage:

“I had such a wonderful time staying at the property as well as touring Tybee Island. The people there treated us like we belong at the house. We had the opportunity to use some of the recipes from Paula Deen’s cook book. It was very very good!”
· By Amazing from Memphis, TN 

“We enjoyed the quiet setting, lounging on the back and front porches with the breezes. Great place to enjoy your morning coffee or a late night drink. We walked to restaurants and in the neighborhood. Great times were had by all.”
· By L. Horseman from Louisville, KY

Thank you both so much for taking the time to share. Don’t be strangers…We hope to see you again real soon!

Berkeley Springs: A Guide To Life

We received this update on Berkeley Springs, one of our sponsored Guide Dog puppies in training.  He’s very close to graduating and may be paired with a person with a disability, soon!

Berkeley Springs is finishing up his guide training and is working on the subways, doing city work and crowd work, taking country walks, mall work and riding escalators.  They are increasing distraction levels on all of his work and maintaining levels of concentration.  He has some slight noise sensitivity, but that is all.  His trainer says that he loves him and he is doing very well.

Join us in sending our well wishes and support to Berkeley Springs as he reaches this important milestone in his training.  His life of service will mean a more independent life and freedom for a person with disabilities.

Go forth young Berkeley Springs!  You can do it!



Is excess gas making your dog feel…uncomfortable?   Does your dog sit in the window and daydream about rolling in the grass?

Just light a candle!  No, really!

Dogs have really sensitive noses.  That’s also how they say hello and assess a situation.

SNIFF Pet Candles is a line of all natural candles specially designed to soothe and calm your pet according to what your pet needs.  Made with organic soy, beeswax and palm these relaxing candles are also people friendly!

If there’s a particular offending odor that’s dogging your pet’s environment get them a SNIFF and you’ll both say, “AH!”

Portions of the proceeds from the sales of SNIFF also go to support animal rescue groups so we say WOOF! to that!

Live Like a Local: Mermaids Make a Difference!

     Here at Mermaid Cottages, we love our island community! We’ve started to organize efforts to give back to our lovely island, and we’d like to invite you to join us as Mermaids Make a Difference! Many of you helped kick off this effort February 13th at our mini beach sweep, and we would love for you to join us again…and bring a friend!
     This Friday, February 25th, join your fellow Mermaids and Mermen at Tybee’s Oceanside Nursing Home from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. We will be making St. Patrick’s Day hats for the residents of Oceanside to wear as they ride the trolley in the Tybee Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade March 12th! This will be a fun event and will help to bring a little fun and smiles to Tybee’s nursing home residents.

     Oceanside Nursing Home is located at 77 Van Horne Street, and all you have to bring is yourself, a warm heart, and a smile! For more information, and to RSVP, please call 912-313-0784 or email sunkisti@aol.com. We hope to see you there!