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Live Like a Local: The 25th Annual Beach Bum Parade!

We are so excited! This Friday, May 20th, is the 25th annual Beach Bum Parade here on Tybee! Never heard of it? Well, it’s only known as the World’s Largest Water Fight! That’s right, this Friday you can come to Tybee and get wet! The Beach Bum Parade begins at 6 pm.m, so get here early for a spot along the parade route.The parade began in 1987, but it’s attendance has grown each year, and now it’s a pretty big deal. Last year, it was estimated that between 10,000 and 20,000 people joined in and got water logged!

The entry fee for the participating floats will have to help with added security costs this year, but in addition, any revenues left over goes right back into the Tybee community to aid the needy and help with other community projects through charity organizations throughout the island. How wonderful is that?! So, if you needed a reason to get wet, there’s not a better one! Make sure you visit the picture galleries at Savannah Now to see all the fun from years past!


Now, we want to make sure this event is safe for everyone involved, so make sure to follow a few simple rules, and use some commonsense guidelines, if you are planning to join in the fun:

  • use water guns instead of buckets and hoses…we are a “Water First” community after all!
  • try to keep your water fight fun to your private yard until the official start of the parade
  • water balloons, buckets, and pressure washers are not allowed. They can damage things and hurt others, and that isn’t any fun at all!
  • Play Nice, No Ice. Please do not use chilled water or ice cubes!
  • use your manners and please restrict your water targets to parade participants and on-lookers
  • obviously, the police are there for your protection. It is illegal to squirt of spray them…you won’t like the results, and really, it’s just plain disrespectful.
  • Lastly, please use only water, no other liquids are allowed!

In other words…use your noggin and your manners! The Beach Bum Parade is good clean fun and it has always been the official kick off to Tybee’s busy summer season. We can’t wait for Friday and we hope to see you there!

Bring your water batter gear and don your bathing suits because it is always a wet, wild, wonderful time!


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