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Month: May 2011

A Special Gift For Mother’s Special Day

Thinking of a special gift for Mom on her special day?

For most Moms nothing is more special than the gift of time.  Mom always loves it when the family makes time for her, so how about surprising your Mom by volunteering to pet sit for her while she goes out to do some things for herself!

She’ll be grateful you were so thoughtful and she’ll be impressed you gave her the gift of time…for herself!

Jake says NO CATS

Just be sure to know your audience.

Oh, the joys of pet sitting!


Mermaid Cottages Needs Your Creative Genius!

We love how many Mermaids and Mermen there are out there! And, even if you can’t live on Tybee Island with us, we keep trying to find ways to include you.  Y’all are just so darn creative and did such an amazing job with suggestions on new cottage names (Tucked Inn at Tybee, Made in the Shade)…that’s why we need your help again. We need you to help us with our tag line!

A tag line is a sentence or series of words that help describe a business, company or product.  Nike’s “Just Do It” is one of the best examples!  We’ve had two tag lines in the past – Discovery the Magic of Slowing Down and Cozy Cottages and Historic Homes away from Home – but we are looking for a new one!  We need to find a way to help express what the Mermaid Cottages experiences all about.  Even if you’ve never been to Tybee or stayed at our cottages, you can visit our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages and see what we are all about!  Some examples might be Blissful Beach Cottages, Cozy Up with Us, or Pure and Intentional Relaxation. We need to keep the tag lines to within six to ten words, but you can be shorter as well.  Now, we want you to post your submissions to our Mermaid Cottages Facebook Page, so don’t worry about commenting here. Post your tag line ideas right to our Facebook Wall... we’ll be reading them all!

We’ll be collecting the submissions through Wednesday, May 4th,  so get your thinking caps on! After Wednesday, we will read all the submissions, choose our top favorites, and give everyone the chance to vote on them through a Facebook Poll! The person submitting the winning tag line will receive a package of fun, fabulous Mermaid Cottages goodies! We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with! Head over to our Mermaid Cottages Facebook Wall and submit your idea today.

1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized:Welcome To The Neighborhood

Two more vintage cottages are joining our collection, so start planning your visits to come and see them Memorial Day Weekend!



Every detail has been attended to.  Stuffed, fluffed and styled with lots of love and laughter.

They’re both ready to be stamped with our approval, MTLC.

Mermaids Tender Loving Care.

Welcome to our neighborhood.

Georgia’s Easy To Reach Beach!