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Beach Bum Biscuits:Belle’s Excellent Adventure

When our pet guests arrive for a stay at Mermaid Cottages they are greeted with our great brand standards:  A fresh supply of Beach Bum Biscuits and our complimentary Mermaid pet tags.  We get lots of compliments on both, but this past weekend our complimentary pet tags proved invaluable.

Our wonderful pet guests, Belle and Tink, brought Laura, their human, for a visit.  Upon check-in, Laura saw the guest pet tags and felt Belle and Tink would look cute with them.  Here, Belle models hers and the red pet tag complimented her beautiful black coat.

One day while Laura was busy inside her cottage, Belle and Tink were working on their sun tans outside in the fenced in yard.  Now, we’re not sure who got the bright idea first and they’re not talking, but at some point Belle managed to find her way outside the fence.   Leaving Tink behind to make excuses to Laura, Belle decided this would be her one chance have her own great Tybee adventure and headed out to explore the neighborhood.

Everyone knows one of the best ways to enjoy Tybee is to take a leisurely stroll down any street and take in the sights.  Luckily, one of our wonderful Tybee Life Guards, Lily, was on her way to work and Belle spotted her.

“This cute little playful dog just ran up to me to say hello and I knew she shouldn’t be out roaming the streets on her own,” Lily said.  Lily carried Belle to her Life Guard office and noticed Belle had ID tags.  Lily dialed the phone number, but didn’t get an answer.  She then noticed the bright red Mermaid Cottages pet guest tag and called.

Thanks to the pet guest tag, Lily was able to notify us that she had found Belle. Mermaid Jan and Head Mermaid Diane then checked with our cottage guests that had brought pets and they were able to let Laura in on Belle’s escapades!

The whole time Belle was happy and content to hang out with Lily, but she was also happy to see Laura, too.

Soon, Belle was safely back at the cottage with Laura and Tink.  So far, Belle and Tink still haven’t confessed to how Belle escaped, but  we’re pretty sure Belle just thought it was a cool getaway.

We’re proud to bestow honorary Mermaid status to Lily for her great pet rescue and Laura tells us that she and Belle and Tink just might think about relocating to Tybee.

We’re sure they’ll be welcome.  Belle has already scouted out most of the island and Laura and Tink agree with her recommendation of Tybee Island as a great place to live!

If you visit Mermaid Cottages with your pet be sure to clip on those pet tags!  And yes, for those of you that sometimes have humans that slip off unsupervised just clip one of the tags on them and we’ll be sure to return them to your cottage when we find them!

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