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It’s the good, ole summertime on Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages wants to be sure our pet guests are as comfortable and relaxed as our people guests!

Here are some great warm weather tips to make sure your pet has an enjoyable island holiday:

* Walk your dog(s) in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler.

* Provide constant access to fresh water.

* Make sure you pet stays inside in the air conditioning during the hottest part of the day.

* If needed, freeze a water bottle and wrap it in a towel or tube sock for your pet to lie on.

* After walks, wipe down your pet’s fur, head, ears and paws with a wet cloth.

* Leave your pet in your cottage, even if they’re used to riding in your car while you run errands.

Remember, it’s easier for humans to cool off than it is for a pet.  Watch for signs of heat exhaustion and act quickly if you notice your pet becomes disoriented, has trouble walking, has a dry mouth and/or nose,  or has excessive panting or vomiting.  Get them to a vet or an emergency pet clinic as quickly as possible.  Pet heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be deadly.

We love our pet guests and we want to be sure they come back as often as you do!










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