Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm


by Cottage Cheese

We say it often around here. Each one of the Mermaid Cottages has a soul of its own and it’s a wonderful feeling to step through the door and feel as if you’re home.  Whether it’s the vintage feel or the warmth of the fabrics or the knick knacks of a simpler time, it’s always good to remember happy memories and the laughter we’ve shared.

We’re all on a journey and if we’re lucky enough we get to meet lots of great people and learn lots about life and hopefully share a thing or two with others along the way.  In every life the time will come when some people leave us and pass on to wherever you believe good souls go.  Sometimes we wonder where they’ve gone and if we’ll see them again.

My dad has been gone for several years now and he left us at a time when I was pretty sure of who I was.  Funny.  Even now I have a self image of myself and it’s as if I know I’ve gotten older, but so long as I’m just bopping along  I’m frozen in time.  That is until I happen to glance at a mirror.

I never once remember feeling I had much in common with my dad.  He was an older dad from a generation that was a lot different from mine and so we were on different paths.  Or so it seemed.  Just like all the loved ones that have passed on, from time to time I can feel them around me and I do wonder.  Where did they go?  Can they see me?

Imagine my surprise when I got my answer one day as I went to check myself out in the mirror.  I’ve never been in danger of being mistaken for a cover model, but there have been times I’ve thought, “Hmmm…not bad.”  Yet, I’ve always tried to remember to at least take a peek before advancing out into the world and then, BOOM, there he was.  I no longer had to wonder where my dad had gone.

Apparently, my dad hangs out in mirrors these days.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a mirror in my home or somewhere on the road.  He just hangs out.  Or, lurks, I sometimes think.  Then, lest I forget and stop to take a gander there he is.  Staring back.  The face looking at me so familiar.  I share something with my dad that I hadn’t given much thought.  Our DNA.

Now, we could debate all day if this is heaven or hell for me or him.  But, what’s the use.  It is what it is.  I have become my father.  I may kind of, sort of, maybe, if I tell the truth…oh, well.  I’ve tried bobbing and weaving and sneaking up on the mirror, but he’s still there.  I guess that’s one benefit to being a part of the spirit world.  Supersonic speed.  I look and say, “Heaven help me.  I look like Dad.”  He looks back and says, “You wish.”   I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need to smile when I look in the mirror.  It may be the only one I get that day.

If there’s any advice I can give to any of you it’s make good memories.  The time will come when they’re all you’ve got.  Let the other stuff go and give yourself a good laugh.  It’s a lot like a stay at Mermaid Cottages.  Leave all your worries at the door and step back in time to good memories and the laughter of days gone by.

Take a step into Little Fish Cottage and you’ll see what I mean.

Now.  Don’t you feel better?

Happy Father’s Day, Big Roy.  Happy Father’s Day to all you guys that have little bits of DNA roaming this world.  Happy Father’s Day to anyone that’s ever held out his hand and said, “Come on.  Let’s go for a walk.”

It’s COTTAGE CHEESE.  I’m still tossing up curds and still doing it my whey.



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