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Bone Appetite: A Tybee Pawty Girl’s Guide To Seafood

by Maddie, Mermaid Cottages’ Rover Reporter


My mommy and daddy just booked my favorite Mermaid Cottage, Tybee Tides , for the end of August!  I’m so excited I can hardly get in my usual 5 hour nap!  I can almost taste all the great treats I’m going to eat.

I don’t think I’ve told you about ALL the good food on Tybee, yet.  I know I told you about the fresh jar of Beach Bum Biscuits found in every pet friendly cottage-YUM!  Believe it or not you may want to try some other Tybee specialties, as well.

I LOVE shrimp!  Now, I know most dogs prefer beef or even chicken or pork, but I love seafood!  Shrimp is my absolute favorite and the shrimp on Tybee are the best.  If you are not accustomed to eating so called “human food” you probably shouldn’t read on.  For all of you accomplished beggars out there here’s some of my top choices.

AJ\’s:  My mommy likes the fried shrimp Po Boy and my daddy likes the crab cake sandwich.  They always get carry out so they don’t have to leave me alone.  This is ideal because now I don’t have to depend on leftovers.  Both the crab and the shrimp are very good, but for some reason they won’t give me as much as I’d like.  You’d think the bread and toppings would be enough for them!

Tybee Market:  They have shrimp salad that is ALL shrimp!  The shrimp are so small and delicious you’ll need to be sure your human keeps them coming.  We usually have this for lunch (a fact I’m very aware of).  If for some reason we don’t I turn my back on them and put my nose in my paws.  That’ll show them!

Sundae Cafe:  I recommend the fried fish sandwich from here.  It is very good and huge!  Most humans probably won’t be able to finish it all and this means more for you!

Burton\’s By The Beach:  My mommy gets the shrimp quesadillas from here and we share.  I get the shrimp and she gets the rest-a perfect compromise!  Don’t let the fact that’s it’s Mexican scare you.    They aren’t spicy or I wouldn’t be allowed to eat them.

Now that you’ve tried some seafood you may be thinking it’s time for dessert.  Well, of course you can never go wrong with Beach Bum Biscuits., but I actually like the key lime pie!  This may be an acquired taste, so if it’s not for you just have your human dip your Beach Bum Biscuits in some of their whipped cream.  I wonder if you could make a key lime pie with a Beach Bum Biscuit crust…?

Until next time keep your tails in the air and your noses to whatever is on the table!  HEY!  Where y’all goin’ with that Doggy Bag!

Madeline Belle Reed


Pets and the City


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