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Coming soon- a new memeber of the family!

Yes, I am about to cross the line to become a crazy dog lady.  You know what I mean- dog jewelry, dog sweatshirts, prefers dogs to people.  Well those three things don’t apply to me, but I am about to have welcome a third dog into my little family.  Boomer was the guide dog puppy we sponsored two puppies ago- is not going to make it as a guide or service dog.  They’ve tried, he’s a fabulour dog, but a service dog- especially a guide dog, has to be perfect.   The sponsor of the puppy always has first option to adopt the dog ( Boomer is around 16 months old now) and if I decide no, then the waiting list of people with the guide dog school has the next option.   Danny, my golden/ lab- despite is counter surfing problem- is still the best possible dog I could imagine.  So to have another guide dog “career change” dog, is going to be fine with me.  Boomer will be transported down from Long Island ( he’s at the Guide Dog School still ) to Tybee the end of January.   Sophie will have to share, Danny won’t really care and our friend Joey the GoldenDoodle ( who’s twice the size of Danny) will be thrilled to have a new pal to play with who has as much energy as he does!


This picture is of Danny taken today- he counter surfed a pomegrante from the counter and has been walking around all day with it in his month slowly eating it.   Oh Well- with that face, how can I be mad!

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