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January 18, 2012

Cooking Class at the North Beach Bar and Grill!

Have you ever wanted to grow you cooking skills? Ever think about taking a cooking class, or two? Well, you’re in luck! If you happen to be on Tybee, you can learn some fun new things in the kitchen from The North Beach Bar & Grill! Designed for cooking enthusiasts of all skills levels, these classes are perfect for individuals, couples, and friends.  Even you accomplished chefs out there can learn some new cooking methods!

You eat a variety of meals in a day, so why not learn a variety of new meals to make at home? The classes range from appetizers through to dinner entrees and dessert, so there’s something for everyone. In addition to hands on training guided by Executive Chef Mir Ali, each class will last about two hours and will end with food and wine. You can attend a single class for $80, or reserve a spot in three classes for $200. Please book at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot. Book a class for yourself, or give one as a gift. Heck, do both!

Classes started January 10th. at 6:00pm, but you haven’t missed your chance! Classes run through February 28th, so grab your spot now!

Here’s the Winter Schedule of classes:

January 10     Appetizers

January 17    Soups and Salads

January 31    Entrees and Desserts

February 7     Appetizers

February 21  Soups and Salads

February 28  Entrees and Desserts

A maximum of 12 reserved spots will be available for each class and a minimum of five reservations will be required for each class to take place. If this is not met the class will be canceled and rescheduled for another day. Please call Chef Mir for detailed information pertaining to each class schedule at 912-704-6542. You can email Chef Mir at Mirali1@live.com for information as well.

Don’t wait! Call and reserve your spot in class today! You won’t regret it!

Coming soon- a new memeber of the family!

Yes, I am about to cross the line to become a crazy dog lady.  You know what I mean- dog jewelry, dog sweatshirts, prefers dogs to people.  Well those three things don’t apply to me, but I am about to have welcome a third dog into my little family.  Boomer was the guide dog puppy we sponsored two puppies ago- is not going to make it as a guide or service dog.  They’ve tried, he’s a fabulour dog, but a service dog- especially a guide dog, has to be perfect.   The sponsor of the puppy always has first option to adopt the dog ( Boomer is around 16 months old now) and if I decide no, then the waiting list of people with the guide dog school has the next option.   Danny, my golden/ lab- despite is counter surfing problem- is still the best possible dog I could imagine.  So to have another guide dog “career change” dog, is going to be fine with me.  Boomer will be transported down from Long Island ( he’s at the Guide Dog School still www.guidedog.org ) to Tybee the end of January.   Sophie will have to share, Danny won’t really care and our friend Joey the GoldenDoodle ( who’s twice the size of Danny) will be thrilled to have a new pal to play with who has as much energy as he does!


This picture is of Danny taken today- he counter surfed a pomegrante from the counter and has been walking around all day with it in his month slowly eating it.   Oh Well- with that face, how can I be mad!