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January 19, 2012

Diabetes in a New Light

In case you missed it, Paula Deen announced that she has Type 2 diabetes Tuesday on the TODAY Show. We are so proud of Paula’s brave announcement, it took a lot of guts! Here’s the video, if you didn’t catch her appearance this morning. All the best to you and yours, Paula, and thank you for sharing your story to help others dealing with the same disease!

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Follow this link to a personal message from Paula. If you are interested in learning more about Type 2 Diabetes and even getting some lighter recipes from Paula herself, make sure to check out Diabetes in a New Light. Diabetes can be scary, but it is manageable. Best of luck and health, Paula! We love you!


My afternoon walk along Tybee’s South End

Oh my gosh, the weather was so glorious today! I took an afternoon break from all my emails and work to take a walk to the very south end of the island and see how the sands were shifting.  The Tybee Island South end keeps getting bigger as the sands shift south.  During extreme low tide it looks like you can almost walk all the way over to Little Tybee Island – which of course you can’t because of the tide shifts.   Then I walked again at dusk with the dogs to the south end fishing pier to watch the winter sunset- brillant reds and oranges- the winter sky as the sun sets.  All I could say out loud was thank you thank you thank you.   I’d read somewhere that if the only prayer you ever say is thank you- that’s enough.