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May 2012

1918 Veteran Remembered

Bill here, It’s not a food day for me. On this Memorial day I want to remember my Grandfather. He was a World War I Veteran. He served in France in the trenches at Chateau Thierry. The sacrifice he made for us was immense. He carried the horrors he witnessed with him the rest of his very long life. Joe lived 96 years and will always be my measure of a man. He was the kindest gentlest gentleman I’ve ever known. He helped form me as a person. I was a young man when he passed but I’ll never forget him.

Thank You,  Joseph Morin 1898-1994

Bill Hulsman


Mermaid Tale: Welcome to Bohemian Cottage, Circa 1946!

Welcome to beautiful Bohemian Cottage, circa 1946!Mermaid Cottages welcomes you to 1205 Miller Ave Tybee Island, Georgia, home of Bohemian Cottage. We simply adore this cottage! Every detail has been thought of in this delightful home. Bohemian Cottage has been featured in several national magazines and books. It seems like everywhere you look there is another special touch! …

From Palm Beach to Tybee Island

Chef Bill here. Here is a post card from PB to Tybee. This was taken at my farmer’s market this morning. These are pink grapefruit fresh off the tree. These will make for a great breakfast or the best martini you’ve ever had. There is also a great color palette here. My Market is Rorabeck’s 5539 S. Military Trail in Lake Worth FL. all produce is locally grown. That is the secret to a great recipe and keeping costs down. For $15.00 I can walk out with a 30 lb bag of produce. We also have the Sunday Market of all local growers to sell direct. I’ll cover that tomorrow. To see more of Rorabeck’s go to

Farmer's market

5 Spice Blend With Brown Rice

Hello ~ I am Bill Hulsman ( I have been invited as a guest blogger on my dear friend Diane Kaufman’s Mermaid Cottages site. If there is one thing Diane knows when we spend any time together, it’s that she’ll be well fed. This first recipe is simple and you will need it going forward. There are many different ways to vary the basic 5 spice blend but this is the first one that I came up with. It is at it’s core a curry. If you are not crazy for curry you must try this anyway. Curry powder is a generic term. The term curry simply means a blend. Therefore there is no such spice as curry. I am a healthy cook therefore brown rice is favored over white and olive oil instead of butter. Look for my recipe posts on Friday’s going forward.

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5 Spice Blend

Live Like a Local: Tybee’s Sea Turtle Season Has Begun!

Just one of Tybee's turtle crawls from past years. Isn't it beautiful?!

If you know anything about Mermaid Cottages, you know we love our sea turtles! Well, May 1st marked the beginning of the 2012 season, and we’ve been waiting to hear the news of the turtles’ arrival. Well, today we heard just that!

Tybee‘s first nest of the season was found Tuesday morning! It was located at 11th Street, just over the rack line. Eighty-six eggs were relocated (87 total, one was taken for the genetic study) to a higher spot in the dunes for their safety. The nest is marked off just south of the 11th Street crossover. Tybee Island is now tied with St. Simmons in nest numbers!

 Woohoo! Sea turtle season is off and running! We are so thankful for the hard working staff and volunteers with the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project. They are the important link between us and the beautiful creatures we long to protect. Thanks for all the dedication everyone, and keep up the great work!