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Month: June 2014

What’s In Your Tybee Beach Bag?

what's in your Tybee beach bag
Photo by Margo Cook

Yes, we see all you lucky folks out on the beach and we’ve been thinking, “What’s in your Tybee Beach Bag?”  Every day is a fashion show and some folks come prepared to spend the entire day without having to miss a moment in the sun.  Some are reading, some are napping, some get the munchies while others pull out a multi-course meal.  And, there’s the actual beach bag itself.  Here are some packing tips that are sure to help make your time on the beach cool and breezy.

* Choose a sturdy beach bag big enough to hold all of your items.  Keep in mind if you’re planning to keep some things chilled or warm.

* Decide if you’ll lay out on a beach towel or if you’d prefer a beach chair and an umbrella.

* Remember to pack toys, sporting equipment, sunscreen , sunglasses, hat and caps.

* Place your towels in the bottom of the bag, first, and then any books or heavy items followed by lighter miscellaneous items and then your hot/cold items in separate bags and inside a lunch box last. …

Tybee Beach Trips with Toddlers

Baby on Tybee BeachHave you ever been to the beach with little ones? Trips to the beach with toddlers can have more than their share of adventures.

Tybee is such a great place for the whole family to enjoy.  However, with a few tried and true tips, your beach trip can be more pleasant than ever!


Mermaid Breana

GO EARLY: Lifeguards are out as early as 8:30am on most days especially weekends. Plus, toddlers are at their best right after breakfast with plenty of time before the napping yawns begin.  Also, the heat is at it’s lowest and will keep them from getting over heated before lunch!

Baby in Tybee Tidal pool

18th Street:  There are many entrances to the beach.  If you are going with very small children, 18th Street is the place for you.  It’s location includes bathrooms right next to its boardwalk, a lifeguard station right at the beginning of the soft sand, and almost always, a tidal pool. Tidal pools are great for the very small kids, the first timers and the boundary challengers. No worries about waves taking the toys back with them to the ocean!

Tybee Floatilla Float For Food

Tybee Floatilla Float For FoodHave you made your plans to join us for the Tybee Floatilla Float For Food?  Mermaids make a difference and we never miss an opportunity to volunteer and help our favorite causes.  On Sunday, August 24th, air up those floats and inner tubes and join the fun as we help raise awareness for Second Harvest Food Bank and the Rising Tyde Food Bank.  We’ll be shoving off from the Alley 3 Kayak area at 3:30 p.m. sharp and after enjoying the sun and the fun on the water we should end up at The Crab Shack at 6:30 p.m.  All you have to do is register in advance and then enjoy this wonderful opportunity for Voluntourism.  It really would mean a lot for you to join us.

It’s also a great time to enjoy Tybee after the summer rush.  Just imagine how much fun you’ll have when you stay in one of our signature cozy cottages. …

Tybee Quickies

Tybee QuickiesTybee Quickies are for when you just need to get your beach on and you can’t break away for a long vacation.  Luckily, Mermaid Cottages has the perfect solution.  Sometimes, we have two and three nights open here and there and it’s a great way to peek inside some of our favorite cottages.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy them so much you’ll be booking longer stays for other times of the year.  Just take a look at these great Mini Mermaid Getaways available for June. …

Tybee’s Summer Movie Nights

Tybee's Summer Movie NightsTybee’s Summer Movie Nights present the best in family fun for you!  Tybee days are filled with sun, surf and sand and soon we’re going to light up the nights, too.  For instance, on Saturday, July 19th, meet us over at Memorial Park say around Dark-Thirty.  Pack your picnic basket and prepare to spread out as you watch a family friendly movie.  This time it’ll be Dolphin Tale, a story centered on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tail was lost in a crab trap.  Won’t it be just magical to be watching such a great movie with our gorgeous seascape in the background?  Of course, you’ll want to treat yourself as if you’re at a Hollywood premiere, so start planning now and book your stay in one of these great cottages with real star power.

Tybee's Summer Movie Nights

Fiddler on the Creek circa 1940 is a true cottage. Only serious cottage lovers need apply as this is a small, charming, authentic place to …

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