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Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Sea Turtle Project update

Here’s the updates on Tybee’s Sea Turtle Season. As of Friday June 6th we have no nests to report. We had one false crawl- this is where the mother turtle comes ashore to lay her eggs but for some reason goes back to the sea. It may be too much activity on the beach or the lights are too bright from the land which caused her to go back…. Little Tybee did have the first nest layed, however the ghost crabs and the racoons got all the eggs…. The picture to the right shows what a turtle crawl looks like on the beach and the picture to the left is one of last year’s babies who just hatched heading back to the sea. For more details on our sea turtle project, visit http://www.tybeemarinescience.org/ The state of Georgia has a total of 203 nests with Cumberland Island alone having 43 nests. We’ll keep you updated!

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