Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

The Day of Rest….

This great art is by the California Artist Fifi Flowers!

The Tybee Tour of Homes is done. Mission Accomplished! Details and pictures will be posted later today, but now lazying in bed with Danny and Max both fed and snoring ( it’s time for their 8AM nap), listening to NPR’s Sunday Weekend Edition ( http://www.npr.org/) and writing on my blog sounds like the biggest activity I want to accomplish right now!

Some friends stopped by last night after the tour to see how nice the cottage looked. The cottage was already becoming my home again after 10 hours of being picture perfect and one of my friends asked me what I did for fun when I wasn’t working. I paused because I thought about how much I do work which is literally all day. But then I said- which is so true- my work isn’t work. My life is on purpose. This is the island I chose to live. This is the cottage I created ( with a tremedous amount of help) to be the perfect nest to be happy. I realized that unlike so many people, I don’t leave work to go home and have fun, everyday, all day long I am doing exactly what I want. I also realized that I love to Blog and if I had to tell people about my new hobby – it would be that I’ve joined the world of blogging. So many interesting things appear in my world every day here on Tybee, that it’s great fun to share!

So, look for pictures and details later today about the tour and how truly beautiful my cottage turned out.
I’m also sharing a new blog and artist I’ve found as I continue my search for blogs which are whimiscal and ideal for our cottages. Look at this wonderful picture titled Day of Rest- was perfect for today! To learn more about this artist visit http://www.fififlowersdecor.blogspot.com/

Gotta go-

Will Shortz- you know- NPR’s puzzle master is on and I have to try and solve the puzzles! Sunday morning fun at it’s best! (http://www.willshortz.com/ )

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