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Honoring Tim Russert

One of my favorite people has died. I never met him, but I sure felt like I knew him. The incredible Tim Russert.

Watching all the news shows that discuss the politics is one of my great passions. This year we have the world’s best reality show on TV right now, the 2008 presidential elections. The constant background in my cottage is the various pundits discussing the ins and outs of the campaign. Tim was the favorite because it was watching that really nice guy, who also happened to be really, really smart talk about everything he knew.

But even more , I so admired this man that did seem to have it all- his wife of over 25 years is Maureen Orth, was one of my favorite writers for Vanity Fair magazine. He loved her, he loved his son, he loved his family. And he loved with a passion the life he had created for himself. You could see the incredible joy in his life everytime he spoke. And this year’s campaign was just a little bit more fun because you were watching history in the making right along beside him.

Watching so many people who worked and knew him become so emotional was heartbreaking. Matt Lauer’s tribute on the Today show yesterday made you cry because Matt could barely close he was so sad. “He knew he had won life’s lottery and couldn’t wait to share his joy.” But of all the words shared, the words that affected me the most was by Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News who after she finished her tribute to her boss- she said- again- barely getting out the words – “Tim, you lived a terrifci life.” And he did. Visit http://www.msnbc.com/ for more of the Terrific life of Tim Russert. He will be missed….
PS- One of Tim’s Favorite organizations to support is the Boys and Girls Club of America- you can honor Tim by making a donation in his name by going to www.BGCA.org

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