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Luke Russert honoring his dad

I continue to watch all the tributes given by so many people to remember Tim Russert into the night and then first thing in the morning….. This morning’s Today Show began at 7AM with Matt Lauer talking with Tim’s beloved son , Luke. This 22 year old man had incredible grace, composure and just enough of his Dad to let everyone know that he and his mom were doing as “good as can be expected” but to also know he knew how loved he was by his father. And isn’t that what we all really want? To know we are loved and cared about above everything else?

I’ve heard from so many of you who read my blog to let me know you felt the same way as I do about Tim. His funeral will be Wednesday @ 4PM EST, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The service will be private, but MSNBC will be allowed to broadcast the service because the family knows how beloved Tim is and people want to mourn along with them.

This picture was taken at the end of the Sunday Meet the Press yesterday when Luke went up and touched his dad’s chair, just to feel his dad’s spirit one more time. The entire conversation with Matt can be heard by going to www.msnbc.com .

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