Back Home and a GREAT CAUSE to support!

Back home from the mountains… and we’re having beautiful weather- is this the calm before the storm or just the fact that fall is just around the corner? Blue skies, low humidity, slight winds blowing… no crowds…. wonderful!!! To those of you trying to decide if you postpone your trip to the Island or come on down, just keep watching Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel to see where Hanna is going to hit. Looks like she’ll be heading towards our friends in Myrtle Beach, but we’ll receive some still much needed rain- but remember– a rainy weekend at the beach is always better then a rainy weekend anywhere else! BTW- another man we love and adore- that Jim Cantore! He actually explained on NPR today that he now wears goggles to protect his eyes while on camera and reporting from a hurricane area. He was over the vanity of trying to look good on TV. How great is that! Shaved head AND wears goggles! If you want to have a little fun, google “Jim Cantore wearing goggles” and read some of the comments . Seems everyone loves the fact he’s now wearing goggles when the weather is so bad!
Betsy- one of the owners of Tybee Tides and Fish Camp Cottage, has emailed me a great cause to support- supporting reading to children from low income families. If you’re interested, read Betsy’s info and then click on to support the reading effort.
” Since 1993, Jumpstart has been bringing at-risk preschool children and caring adults together in intensive, year-long relationships, to build the vital literacy, social, and emotional skills children need to thrive. The fact is that most children in low income communities have few, if any, age appropriate books in their homes. Children from low-income communities typically enter kindergarten with one fourth the vocabulary of their middle-income peers. Each Year, for one day Jumpstart celebrates reading by trying to break a record for the most children and adults reading together at the same time. And as a bonus, each child then gets that special book to take home with them and start their own library! A gift that keeps on giving, each time it is taken out and looked at. This year’s event is October 2, 2008 and this year’s book is Corduroy.I know you are constantly being asked to give! And of course I am going to ask you again. By participating in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record you can help us provide copies of Corduroy to the children who need books the most. You can also buy the special edition book for yourself, to give to children in your life.Please help me reach my goal. And read to a child every chance you get!Thanks so much,Betsy “
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Good luck Betsy!!