Vote for Danny! A Politician we can all get behind!

The conventions are wrapped up. I’ve watched every minute I possibly could of both the Democratic and Republican events. I love politics and I love my country. I love watching these contests that happen every 4 years where these amazing men AND women of both parties talk about their own love of our country and how hard they want to work to make our United States of America the best she can possibly be. I’ve been amazed at the speeches and dedication- on both sides – and how passionate they all are about changing our world . We can all work together, no matter who wins to create change. Whatever your personal passion- the environment, education, the homeless, children, doesn’t matter- but work to serve a cause greater then yourself so we can continue to make this truly the greatest nation on earth.

There is a cause we can all vote for and agree on! Vote for my Danny for the Tybee Breeze Pet of the Month! Go to then click on Pet Contest. Vote for Danny! Despite the fact the competition is – of all pets- Squirty the Loggerhead Sea Turtle who was released in August! OMGun fair! Who doesn’t love a sea turtle! Especially one that was raised from a 1 inch hatchling! But look at this picture that was taken by Christine Hall earlier this summer that I submitted to the contest.
The winner will be announced in the October Issue of the Tybee Breeze. Danny thanks you!

AND DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE NOVEMBER ELECTION! Everyone needs to vote- again- doesn’t matter who you vote for- just vote!!!