My journey to the Left Coast

I haven’t traveled on an airplane since last November. I started my journey out of Atlanta on the only airline I fly- Delta Air Lines ( except for British Airways when I’m lucky enough to fly overseas). I felt like one of the people we road warriors used to secretly laugh at- you know the people who you truly wondered how they got through life on a daily basis… sorta seemed lost in the terminal, couldn’t figure out how to put their stuff in the overhead bin, would ask the flight attendants for 50 things.

First thing I discovered, after almost 20 years I’m no longer a Delta Medallion flier. Those of you who travel regularly know what at shock that was to me. I had completely forgotten my status had expired last year. I guess driving past the Savannah International Airport doesn’t count as a trip to earn miles.
Out of pure habit, when I went to the ticket counter to ask to put myself on the upgrade list or to ask for a bulk head seat, the lady looked at me like I was crazy. She said as nicely as she could I was not a medallion. I had completely forgotten. So I said to her, well I guess an upgrade to first class is really out to the question. She gave me that pity look that they give to everyone who doesn’t fly much.

However the airline gods were looking out for me and somehow the seat they gave me was a sorta bulkhead! Not the real thing, but no one ahead of me and an aisle seat. And that’s when the poor pitiful traveler came out. I had my headphones to plug in, found what i thought was the plug, touched the little individual tv to turn it on ( When did they put tv’s at all the seats in coach????) and nothing…. So I asked the flight attendant for help, she pulls out my plug and plugs it into my seat, not my neighbors.. Oh well. But then the magic started. Real time, live tv 36,000 feet in the air! 20 plus channels!Reality TV! Bravo! HGTV! Food Network! CNN! Even Brian Williams and the NBC Nightly News! ( but no MSNBC and Keith Obermann– that would have been asking for too much I guess). My other observations- the food we used to complain about they now charge to serve you ( under fancy names but still the same food- I can tell) and PEOPLE BUY THE FOOD! And Enjoy!

Those Delta Pilots took us clear across the country without any problem, we landed in LAX , luggage arrived as well and my travel adventure has begun! I’ll be sharing with everyone tommorrow!