Richard Leo Johnson’s newest exhibit

Hopefully many of you will remember from earlier Blogs one of our favorite visitors- Richard and Jane Johnson. These are pictures he took and we shared earlier of his visit to Fiddler on the Creek Cottage this summer. Good news for fans of his work- Richard’s photographs and music will be featured at a gallery opening on Saturday Sept 27th! Here are the details of this fun event which is free and open to all Mermaid Cottage family and friends!

“Please join us for an engaging evening , Saturday Sept 27th, 6-9pm
as we open a new exhibition of worksfeaturing Northern Yucatan Photographs by
Richard Leo Johnson with an “original musical score” written by the artist especially for the exhibition. “Living Maya” “Living Maya” is an inspired view of the northern Yucatan coast and it’s people by Richard Leo Johnson. Johnson and his wilfe purchased a small piece of property near the tiny fishing village of San Crisanto. The photographs on exhibition, taken in July of this year, “portray the simple and purposeful life of an ancient people in modern times.”


This exhibition will also feature an “original musical score” created by Richard Leo Johnson. Richard ‘s acoustic guitar music has been featured on NPR’s Fresh Air by Milo Miles (March 29, 2006), and he has been called one of the most innovative and inspired acoustic guitarists on the current American music scene. ”


31 Barnard Street, Savannah, GA

Look forward to seeing hopefully many of you Saturday night!