The Sad truth about IAMS Dog food….

I’ve been using Iams Dog Food for my dogs for over 7 years now. This was the dog food the Guide Dog School recommended we use for raising the guide dog puppies and I’ve always stayed with the brand. But I just received a very troubling email from Sari, one of our regular guests about how Iams tests their food products on animals…. I don’t know how much any of you know about animals used in research labs, but if you love or even like animals you will find what is done to animals in these labs incredibly disturbing. Just the fact that these creatures who trust their humans are kept in cages their entire lives is horrible, but it’s not necessary.
I’m not talking about medical research to help cure various diesese ( though that is also very hard to handle) but talking about shampoo or toothpaste for humans- other products that don’t save lives. But to find out a company that sells PET FOOD uses animal in research and treats them the way research animals are treated is just beyond dreadful.
What can you do- first go to This website gives you all the public , tells you who and how to contact Iams and Proctor and Gamble ( who owns Iams) to protest, how to return the products you’ve purchased, even find pet food that doesn’t‘ test on animals.
Here is the email sent from Sari from her local humane society:
“It is with deep sadness, bewilderment and discuss that I send out this email.
We have used Iams because it was donated to us but never knew that the Iams laboratories were testing on animals kept in their labs, and that those poor test animals suffer so much.

We as an animal rescue organization are committed to saving animals from individuals who keep them in these type of conditions. Never in all of my dreams would I have thought Iams would treat their test animals so curly, even to the point of cutting their vocal cords in an attempt to silence their cries.

We will no longer use or recommend Iams. “

Michelle Doneza

Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab, Inc.
…a non profit 501(c)(3) corporation
Seneca, SC
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I am returning my 40 lb bag of Iams dog food tomorrow and will be buying dog food that does NOT use research labs or test animals for their products. I am also planning to tell the store manager why I’m returning the product and encouraging them to let their home office know why. Please pass the word.