Get your Piratey self to Tybee today!

Just as Sarah/ Tina created a new word on SNLmavericky” I created my own new word- “Piratey“. OMG, what fun is Pirate Fest! I’ll be honest, the first year it was crazy…. and not in a fun crazy way. The City didn’t expect the crowds, no one was prepared, but last year lots of changes were made and the event was very well organized and fun. This year it’s even better!
Whole families of pirates have invaded the island, dressed to the 9’s and just having fun! Walking home last night I saw a family of 6 with kids from 2 – 12 with their parents “Arrghhhing” their way home!
The Parade down Butler Ave begins @ 3PM today, rain or shine, the Thieves Market is open all day for shopping and fun, Live bands are playing non stop and everyone has forgotten – for at least two days- how scary the world is right now.
So get yourself down to Tybee today , wear an eye patch and even dance in the streets!
visit for more details . Mark your calendars for next year- it will be bigger and better then ever!