Halloween is just around the corner….

Tybee celebrates Halloween in a big, big way…. Lewis Ave ( where Crabby Pirate and Missy’s on the Marsh are located) literally shuts down so all the children of Tybee can come and Trick or Treat on the street. Adults, kids, policemen, city officials- everyone dresses up!

We also have some guests coming to visit us who have the sixth sense…. Seriously. If you live in the Tybee area, they’ve also offered to come to your home and ask the spirits why they’re there and if appropiate to leave…. In their own words:

” My name is Kathy, I am a psychic medium from Indianapolis. My husband and I do paranormal investigations and I do psychic and tarot card readings. recently I did a Halloween Podcast, Oct. 25th, at 9 PM. for Ilike2rock.net on some of the cases we have investigated. If you would like to hear the broadcast click on this link: http://download.podango.com/mediatracker/1/97253/ourhauntedtravels.mp3

it will take you straight to the podcast. My hubby and I will be in Tybee in a couple of weeks. If anyone has any ideas of sights we should check out drop us a line at: www.ourhauntedtravels.com

We love how so many of our guests become part of the Mermaid Cottage family! And we look forward to welcoming Kathy and her family – including the ferrets- to our island!