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Day: October 7, 2008

Mermaid Sightings from La Jolla!

What a fun mermaid sighting! This is a blogger from Southern California who took to the rocks of La Jolla, CA as Ariel the Little Mermaid! She was enjoying a California day , lunch at The Cottage, a seaside restaurant , then fun on the beach. Thank you for sharing! Be sure to visit to see more details on this great restaurant as well!
And keep those wonderful mermaid sightings coming our way so we can share!

The surprise that was a surprise that was a surprise!

We love a party here on Tybee. Doesn’t matter what the occassion, we just love to gather together, eat good food and visit! One of the joys of small town living. So a group of my very dear friends decided to surprise me with a gathering for my upcoming birthday! The only problem is, I’m a moving target during this time of the year and they took a risk and picked a date. Sue Bentley, one of our favorite realtors here on Tybee and a part time mermaid, took on the coordination of the surprise party. E invites went out, rsvp’s collected, food prepared but guess what- the birthday girl- me- already had accepted another invitiation for the same night that I couldn’t back out of! Poor Sue and then Mary Lou, Judy, Teresa, etc etc, when they called me to tell me they had planned this surprise party, I had to tell them I couldn’t be there!
But Tybee being Tybee decided to have the surprise party without me! As Fallon and Nevin said- it’s a “because party” as in, we want to have a party just because! Life being life, my dinner date was delayed due to traffic, so I hopped on my bike and surprised my birthday surprise party by showing up! Yeah! Delicious food, great friends and a birthday cake that was the winning cake receipe at the recent Baptist Church bake off here on the island!
Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the planning and attended. Look for the receipe in a future blog. And a very special thank you to Joyce and Gary for hosting the event at their terrific Tybee home!