Marsh Henson- she paints, she kayaks, she does it all!





Tybee is such a melting pot of talent. No one just does one thing and usually they do several things and do it very well! Marsha Henson is one such person. She paints, she runs a business, she plans international events, she travels! Best of all, you can be the recipient of several of her talents.
  • Her Art! In her on words…”The natural landscape and all elements therein have always drawn me like a magnet. I am equally amazed by a vast panorama or a one inch square of wilderness. The driving force behind my painting is combining different pieces of a landscape such as trees or flowers in a way that expresses my impression of them. This sometimes leads to a painting being similar to what I am observing or sometimes it looks more like my impression.
    The variations in habitat on the Georgia coast, particularly the islands, offer a fresh and always changing perspective and I get my best inspiration from simply looking out my back door…”
  • Her Business! Marsha and her best friend , partner and favorite guy Ronnie co-own and operate Sea Kayak Georgia. This wonderful kayak center is the Tybee headquarters for gear, trips, tours, instruction and even a place to stay ( The Outdoor Inn is right next door). Ronnie himself is multi talented and photographs the coast, water, wildlife.
  • World Events! Sea Kayak Georgia sponsors each year here on Tybee the Georgia Skills Symposium and British Canoe Union Week. You can learn from some of the best in the world skills from every level- you don’t have to be a pro to attend! The events kick off this weekend.


Marsha’s Art is currently on exhibit at Irene Sullivan’s Art Gallery in Downtown Tybee You can learn all about Sea Kayak Georgia and this upcoming week’s events on Marsha and Ronnie are always available to answer questions and share their knowledge about the waters and this island they love so much.