My love affair with SusieCakes

I love it when I find someone , something, someplace some whatever that is just really special , unique and something I want to share. Martha calls her finds ” A good thing”. Oprah calls her, “My favorite things “( and her favorite things Christmas show is the highest watched show of the year and whatever product she selects sells out almost immediately) . Still working on what to call the things I discover and want to share ( mermaid marvels? mermaid must haves, must do’s, must experience?) I’m open to suggestions so send me a comment with your thoughts and we’ll make this a category for the blog!

I blogged earlier about LA and the cupcake shop my friend Cindy Lou took me to in her very upscale neighborhood of Brentwood, CA called Susie Cakes. I was cleaning out the things I brought home from my trip and had picked up the menu from the shop and decided I needed to share more.

I loved this place because it was so well done on every level. From her color scheme ( mermaid sea foam green is her colore so she had me at the color. In honor of her color scheme I’m blogging in her colors today!), to the clean and fresh style of the shop, website and all her branding, to the downright incredible taste of the products I was lucky enough to sample. So here is some more details to share.

  • First thing- go to the website Look at the great food styling in all the photo’s. If this doesn’t want to make you want to eat white sugar again, I don’t know what will. I try so hard to stay away from white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white rice, the list goes on, but sometimes you just have to live a little.
  • Her cupcakes have frosting both on top and INSIDE! Click on the “frosting filled cupcake” picture and you’ll see what they do- they scoop a tiny bit out of the cake and put a dollop of frosting inside. Brillant. I’m going to copy that on the next batch of cupcakes I make!
  • Cupcake tip of the year from these experts-Cupcake storage- should for some crazy you don’t devor every cupcake you purchased the same day , you never, ever, ever refrigerate your cupcakes. I DID NOT KNOW THIS! You can put the box in the microwave to store (they are air tight) or you can wrap the entire box with saran wrap to keep them fresh. Try this next time you make cupcakes!
  • Whoppie Pies. She bakes two dense chocolate cookies and piles a small mountain of buttercream frosting in between. Enough said. One whoopie pie cookie will feed four women as it did for us at the Sound of Music Sing a Long at the Hollywood Bowl.

Thank you for indulging me in my writing about this great place. Well run, well done, very profitable and her business makes people happy. This is a good business plan to follow for anyone!