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Mermaid Sightings sent in from our guests

Check out these two mermaid sightings sent by some of our recents guests! The Mermaid Sightings on the left is actually a table from a restaurant on Edisoto Beach, SC called McConky’s. Melissa from South Carolina sent us this one. The 2nd Mermaid was found by Lee , another regular Mermaid Cottage guest and is from the winner of that contest called the “Best Job in the World” who gets to blog about a tropical island for the next year. This mermaid is somewhere on that island.
Hey- that’s what I do! Live on a sea island and blog about the island and look out for mermaids! I truly have the best job in the world. Thanks to all our guests who keep on the look out for Mermaid Sightings…. great pics!

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