Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Beach Bum Parade 2009



Beach Bum Parade has come and gone and was it’s usual big time for kids of ALL ages! These three pictures show some of the preparation in getting ready for the Friday night 6:30PM Kick off… This is two homes on Butler Avenue- this is a very well respected Doctor with over 1 ton of ice ( he very proudly told me….) filling up all the garbage cans . The colder the water the better!!! And I loved the banner also hanging from a home on Butler Ave!
I was lucky enough to enjoy the parade from the front desk of one of our Vacation rental homes- Shore Leave with the owner Kris and her friends and family. Perfect vantage point and only got shot with the water guns a few times!
The Island is back to normal now and visitors can again ride their cars safely down Butler Avenue without fear of getting soaked!

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