Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

My Gecko’s are really Anoles!

I’ve learned alot about my front porch wildlife from the Postles and the Parkmans. These are actually Anoles not chameleons or gecko’s ( hey in my world those little green creatures looked like the Geico green guys on all those commercials!)


The two little guys I saw fighting and who I told to stop were indeed battling for their territory. These are the pictures from yesterday- I don’t know my little friends well enough to figure out if these were two different guys on either side of my front door or the same guy who just changed from side to side. I do know the guy on the right side posed for me- my camera was inches from in ( true- it was from the inside looking out the window) but he let me close enough to click and take several pictures! His pouch was bright cherry red and he kept opening and closing the pouch to either try and scare me off or impress me. I hope they’ll stick around all summer for me to watch them.

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