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Special Service Dogs For Special Needs

Service Dogs can be trained to assist persons with many different types of disabilities…even those that can’t be readily seen.

One such special type of service dog is a Mental Health Dog.  A Mental Health Dog is trained to assist persons with various types of mental or nervous disorders, such as agoraphobia.  Agoraphobia can sometimes cripple a person to the point where he or she cannot leave their own home for fear of what they might encounter just outside their door.

Mermaid Melissa S. shared this wonderful video with us to show just how remarkable service dogs can be and how service dogs have dramatically changed the lives of two women.

Most animals can sense how a person is feeling and many are naturally talented in soothing and consoling someone in need.
If you’ve ever met Danny, Diane Kaufman’s yellow lab, you know just how incredible a giant “Lab Hug” can make you feel.
Danny is quite the character and can often be seen peering from the windows of Mermaid Manor or riding shotgun in Diane’s SUV.  He’s also a big ham at heart as he loves to pose and model for the camera in many of the photoshoots and videos for Mermaid Cottages.
You can just be sitting around and Danny will sometimes come up to you and hoist his huge paws around your neck and nuzzle your face with his.  He’s a charmer and he gives the best hugs!
When you visit Tybee Island and stay with Mermaid Cottages be sure to be on the lookout for Danny…especially if you need a hug!

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