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COTTAGE CHEESE:Punish Not My Evil Children

LIFE LESSON:  If one lives long enough he learns that the stresses of life are relevant and that his parenting skills will be challenged.  Challenged by his children and in the absence of actual children by his dogs.  And so it is.

You might have noticed the sun has been shining and the temperatures much warmer, lately.  This is a welcome change after having spent the weeks since Christmas in cold, bitter and biting sleet, snow, ice and gray skies along with three holy terrors that have been giving the Axis of Evil a run for the title.

My children.  My dogs. 

You see, as one of those who knew better than to procreate I went out and got pets.  How much trouble could they be?  It’s not like I’m raising three teens.  Or am I?

I turned off the central air, opened the windows and the door onto our deck.  I could almost hear the Fifth Dimension singing “Let The Sunshine In.”  I became buried in my work, encouraged by the fresh air.  Little did I know that same fresh air would also become doggy crack! 

 Moxie, by dainty, girly, white Westie decided there was buried treasure in the back yard (meaning there was a mole or some type of critter under the grass that she needed to meet) and she proceeded to dig a hole deep enough I could only see the tip of her tale wagging in the air as dirt, grass and mud was flying all around her.  Jett, my mischievious Black Scottie, made the decision to take all of his toys and scatter them throughout the yard.  And, when his toy box was empty he graduated to my closet and managed to do the same with all my shoes!  Barney, my senior Dachshund, who normally just naps most of the day, figured out the stuffed animals that Jett had strategically placed in all the dirt and mud Moxie dug up needed doggy CPR.  Inside the house.  Which consists of him making a hole in them and masterfully pulling the stuffing out.  All of the stuffing.  It was sunny outside, but it looked like my entire den was covered in snow!

I was now sharing my home with Satan’s Spawn, The Demon Seed and Cujo.  Again.

LIFE LESSON #2:  When the house gets too small and the walls start closing in head to Tybee!

Now, I’m sure you’ve had some experiences similar to mine.  You make the decision to spend the money on a little getaway.  You make the reservation.  You get there and find it’s so small you can hardly cuss a cat without getting fur in your mouth.  Not so at Mermaid Cottages.

And, when I determine that I need as much of a time out as my dogs I go for one of the bigger cottages.  That way we can each find our own quiet space, stay out of each others’ way.  We can lounge in the living room/den, while away the hours on a porch, read a book outside in the beautiful fenced in yard or take a nap in any of the many rooms available to us.  Everybody gets their own space.

That’s the great thing about Inlet Breeze Cottage.  Lots of space!

Well, that and the fact that right out the front door and across the road is Burton’s By The Beach!

Never let anyone tell you you won’t find incredible food choices on Tybee Island!  I love to stroll up to the window at Burton’s, order up one of my favorites like their famous Fish Tacos or their fantastic paella.  And, in the warmer months be sure to get the pistachio ice cream for dessert!

It’s about giving yourself a time out when you need it.  It’s about using your children or your dogs as an excuse when you feel you need one.  It’s as much about staying in an incredible beach cottage close to good eats as anything.


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