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You’re Late! What’s Your Excuse? RUFF!

A New study suggests dogs may be affected by how long we leave them alone.

It’s generally believed that dogs, like most animals, are stuck in time.  In general terms, dogs can’t think back to past events and/or anticipate future ones.

Now, if your dogs are like mine, they seem to know what I’m going to do before I do!  Many times I’ve drug myself home after a long day only to feel the greatest joy of seeing those cute little faces peeking out the window as I drive up.  We’ve all said it.  When it seems no one else has anything nice to say to us or about us our dogs save the day with a wag of their tails and their barks of love.

Researchers believe that dogs may seem like they can tell when we’ve been away from them for long periods of time, but it could be that we humans are also reminding them that we’re late by our actions when we see them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just glad they’re happy to see me.  It means a lot!

But, there’s one sure way that your pets won’t get lonely and you won’t suffer the guilt of leaving them.  Bring them with you to Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island!

For more on this study and to better understand how dogs perceive time click on http://www.woofreport.com/dogsandtime.

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