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Irish Heritage:The Irish Setter

Even though the original Irish Setters were bred and trained as setting or hunting dogs, these modern day setters are now in more beneficial use as therapy dogs.

Patients enjoy stroking the silky manes of these magnificent dogs and Irish Setters have even found great success in the READ Programs.  This is where Irish Setters are used as therapy dogs in schools and students are allowed to read to the dogs.  A real people dog, an Irish Setter Therapy Dog will lie down and relax while a student reads to it.  It doesn’t correct or interrupt the student, so it helps the student to get past the anxieties of reading in front of others. 

Their pleasant demeanor makes them great family pets, but they are not aggressive enough to be considered a guard dog.  We say Irish Setters are great therapy for everyone!

We found this fantastic video of Irish Setters by our friends at Animal Planet!

We’re celebrating Irish Heritages in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, but we enjoy celebrating your pets every day!  Post photos of your pet enjoying visits to Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages on our FACEBOOK page and your pet could be our Beach Bum Biscuits Eater of the Day!

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