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Pets With TLC!

Does your pet demonstrate its ability to parent and give care?

In our Mermaid family we have Moxie, a West Highland Terrier.  She’s never had puppies, but she’s always been a terrific mom!  She’s 11 years old and she still has the very first toy we gave her, a stuffed duck.  She has mothered and protected that little duck from the other dogs and we can often find her napping with it.  She even mothers our Dachshund, Barney, and he’s older than her!

We also saw this great story about another Westie, four year old Winston, on peoplepets.com.  When his human family set up a birdbath and added some toy ducks, Winston immediately assumed guard duty.  He dutifully watches over and protects his duckies!

Some of the best life lessons we learn about love and care come from our pets!  If you pet has a great knack for TLC, be sure to let us know and post it on our FACEBOOK!

Your pet could be our Beach Bum Biscuit Pet of the Day!

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