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Denver Must Be Danny’s Long Lost Sister

A You Tube video of Denver, the Guiltiest Dog in America, made the rounds this week and even landed Denver a guest spot on ABC’s Good Morning America, too.

Like everyone else we got tickled at Denver’s walk of shame after her owner discovered she had devoured a bag of cat treats while he was away.

We were tickled that someone else has a lab like our Danny.  Danny is one of our Mermaid Cottages mascots and frequently models for our photo shoots.  He truly is a beautiful soul and very loving, but he’s had a few guilty episodes of his own.

To date and over the years, Danny has snarfed down cupcakes, a sour cream peach pound cake, bags of confectioners sugar, an Easter Coconut Cake decorated with Peeps, flour, and a few bags of Paula Deen’s Cheese Biscuit Mix!  He’s even had to make a couple trips to the vet to have his stomach examined for various combinations of non-doggy friendly “treats” he confiscated without permission.

He’s a cool customer.  Usually, so long as a food item is at least 12 inches from the edge of the counter we consider it a “Danny Free Zone”.  But, if we’re off by a couple of inches or if it’s something truly too good to pass up like cakes and Peeps, Danny will find a way.  Initially, he seems aloof and totally not interested, but turn your back for just a moment and it’s carpe diem!

Maybe Denver will visit us some day and teach Danny the walk of shame.  Until then, we have to stay one or two steps ahead of him!

If you’ve got photos or videos of your pets antics, please post them on our FACEBOOK page and your pet could be our Beach Bum Biscuits pet of the day!

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